World of Slick Music

                     World of Slick Music
– Robbie Dupree

Hi folks!
Time again for another edition of what i call “the slickest blog on line”, gotta call it something right?!
Anyway the artist this time i suppose is another one not so well known for the average music loving person. I believe i found him through Spotify just like many other artists. From that point of view Spotify is a great thing to happen then one can always discuss the flip side of it but this is not the forum for a such discussion.
The guy this time is called Robbie Dupree and is a singer/songwriter, musician, producer.

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He was born as Robert Dupois December 23 1946 in Brooklyn, New York City.
The first musical experince he gained was when singing with local doo wop groups in the neighbourhood. His first influences were classic soul music icons such as  Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye. In the eary ’70s he was singing with a group called
New World Rising. This group featured a guitarist called Nile Rodgers unknown at that time but would later become co-founder and leader of the disco/soul/funk group called Chic as well a hotly sought after producer.
Robbie relocated to Woodstock, New York and spend most of the ’70s doing live jobs with a variety of bands as well as polishing his sound while at the same time honing his songwriting chops.

Bildresultat för robbie dupree
Photo: Youtube

Then in 1978 he once again relocated, this time to Los Angeles and reinvented himself as a solo act. He got a record contract with Electra Records and with the help from Rick Chudacoff and PeterBunetta, who produced his first album, Robbie made a polished but catchy album that revealed the influence of soft rock hitmakers the Dobbie Brothers as well as Michael McDonald. The self titled album was released in 1980 would spawn two major hit singles, “Steal Away,” which rose to number six on the Top Singles chart, aSnd “Hot Rod Hearts,” which peaked at 15.
The following year his second album Street Corner Heroes was released  and it featured a minor hit “Brooklyn Girls” which topped out at 54 on the Top Singles survey. See picture below. He received a Grammy Nomination in 1981 for Best New Artist but lost it to Christopher Cross.

Bildresultat för robbie dupree

He fell in dispute with the record company and didn’t release an full album for about 8 years. In 1987 he released “Girls in Cars” which was featured on “The Wrestling Album vol 2: Piledriver. His third full length album Carried Away came in 1989. However his popularity in the U.S. was waning but in Japan he still had loyal fans so his next two albums was recorded for the Japanese label Polystar. In 1993 Walking on Water came and then in 1995 Smoke and Mirrors.

Bildresultat för robbie dupree all night long

In 1998 he released an album for the American market again and this time he did it by himself and it was called All Night Long, picture above. This was a live recording. As you can tell even thou he’s been around for quite some time but for several reasons he has not been that productive, well if you count or measure productivity by the amount of recorded albums. Anyway in 2003 he joined forces with celebrated pianist David Sancious they made a jazz-oriented album called Robbie Dupree with David Sancious.
Then in 2010 he signed with Spectra Records and once again teamed up with David Sancious for the album Time and Tide, from which i’ve picked today’s song. Further in 2010 on May 21 Dupree performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as part of Jimmy’s ongoing tribute to Yacht Rock, the smooth West Coast sound of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Bildresultat för robbie dupree david sancious
Photo: Robbie Dupree. Robbie and his band back stage at The Cotton Club Tokyo in February 2008.
Left to right: David Sancious (keyboards), Leslie Smith (percussion, background vocals), Peter Bunetta (drums), Robbie himself, Rick Chudacoff (bass), Larry Hoppen (R.I.P. guitar/keyboards, trumpet).

In 2011, Robbie Dupree toured as part of the All Star Rock concert series. The tour featured John Cafferty, Orleans, David Pack (Ambrosia), John Ford Coley, Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie, Joe Lynn Turner, and Joe Bouchard.In 2012, Dupree released a new album, an EP entitled Arc of a Romance, a collection of timeless classics spanning five decades. You can find Robbie on Facebook if you’re intrested.

So time for the song then and as i’ve mentioned earlier it’s taken from the Time and Tide album from 2010 and the name of the song is “Blue Monday”. If i was to describe this song besides beeing slick offcourse. It has a nice catchy kinda groove with a bass hook that gets you immediately.  It feels more jazz than like pop or rock.Basically the bass line is what makes the song great. Towards the end of the song a muted trumpet “sneaks in” and it sounds so right!

As always enjoy your listening!!


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