World of Slick Music

World of Slick Music
– Lindsey Webster

Hi there folks!

So i’m here again with a brand new edition of the slickest blog on line!                Today i’m gonna write about an artist/singer i don’t believe is so well know for the big mass. I discovered her some time during the fall last year while checking out other artists/musicians on Spotifty. Well known or not she has one really great voice while beeing beautiful as well. Some people seems to get like everything!

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She’s a narrative from Woodstock, New York and before singing the played the Cello which she was very good at. She played that for about ten years often in the first chair. Then when she attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia School for the Music, Art & Performing Arts in New York City she put the Cello back in its like box and grabbed the microphone instead. When meeting her husband in 2009, pianist Keith Slattery, she began working professionally and released her first eponymous album in 2013, see picture below. It was an independent production follwed by You Change on Atlantic Records.

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I mentioned her second album this became a success containing the hit “Fool Me Once”, a vocally driven song that reached #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart. There it stayed #1 for 4 entire weeks which meant that she had beaten Sade who held the previously record for 3 weeks. This didn’t pass by unnoticed by contemporary jazz label Shanachie Entertainment who signed her and released her third album “Back To Your Heart”, picture below. Just a little side not Shanachie is a giant in smooth jazz/contemporary jazz circles while also releasing modern R&B, Blues, Reggae, Gospel, Celtic music.

Lindsey Webster - Photo cred:

Along with her band, consisting of top notch players, they have played at many different clubs. Some of them are classical ones such as The Bitter End, classic rock club located in Greenwich Village, NYC, The Iridium, also located in NYC, Yoshi’s Oakland, located in Oakland, California. Lindsey can handle the most styles from like straight – ahead jazz to R&B. On one of her shows none else than Sting, yes the Sting, was in the audience and the following quote is from Lindsey herself.

“We were playing at a club in NYC over the summer and Sting was in the audience. On my second song of the set, he got out of his seat to come shake my hand, say ‘wow’ and thank me for my talent. I was unfortunately in the middle of singing God Bless the Child so I couldn’t even really say thank you.”

Relaterad bildLindsey in action. Photo cred:

How about that when a guy like Sting all of a sudden leaves his chair in the middle of a song to express his admiration for Lindsey then you can tell that Lindsey is quite something special! She has also won “Best Acoustic Song” in the Independent Music Awards. This is just the beginning more will definetely follow. Sax player/horn arranger Jays Collins says about Lindsey:

“Lindsey has got a world-class singing ability and really knows how to win the audience’s heart”.

I mentioned Sade earlier and until recently she was the only one to score two Smooth Jazz radio hits in a row. Now there are two vocalists who have done this, Lindsey is the second one. You cand find Lindsey on socila medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on her Youtube channel. You should definetly follow her on social medias. Check out her Instragram where sometimes posts clip where she sings acapella and trust me she CAN sing!! Trust me when i say it’s big time goose bumbs alert!! She is very open about that one of here biggest heroes is Mariah Carey.
Someone described Lindsey as “If Sade was to take over Mariah Carey’s body and sing to tracks written by Steely Dan, the combination might hit somewhere close to Lindsey Webster’s sound”.
A matter of fact is that she has been compared with the likes of Anita Baker, Mariah Carey and Sade.

Finally time for the song and the one i’ve choosen is called Back to Your Heart the title song from her latest album released in 2016. It’s a kinda bluesy laid back song yet with a groovy slick feeling.
As always enjoy your listening!!

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