World of Slick Music

                                   World of Slick Music
– George Michael

Hi folks!
I hope you had a great a Christmas despite all the sad news we got. As you can see on the headline the artist today is George Michael. To be honest i’ve never been any bigger fan of neither him or Wham but some songs i like. Second confession is that i didn’t planned to write about George Michael but his passing made me change my mind. Usually i use to tell you pretty much everything about the artist’s life both private and and professional. Today i’m gonna make a little shorter version cause i believe you know his story. How he in the early 80’s along with Andrew Ridgeley under the name Wham got a major breakthrough. They were adored, mostly GM i believe to be honest, by millions of teenage girls world wide.

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Further i assume you all know that deep inside he wasn’t satisfied beeing that major idol for teenage girls. In the mid 80’s he released his first single as a solo artist and then the question was when rather than if he would go solo full time. As a private person he most definetely had his many ups and downs. Then sometime in the 90’s after he got busted getting a bj on a public toilet by some dude he “came out” as gay. Maybe he tried to convince himself he was straight but i remember growing up in the 80’s remebering Wham beeing like the biggest band there was at that time. I was like 10 or 11 years old and everyone was saying about George Michael that he was gay.

When he finally announced it i was like thinking what’s the big deal nothing we didn’t already knew. He was one of the best like “blue eyed soul” singers there ever was or will be. My cousin said yesterday that George Michael was one of the absolutely best live voices he’s ever heard. Trust me he has heard many of them.
George was featured as one lead singer on the 1984 smash Christmas hit Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid as they were called written by Sir Bob Geldof in benefit for the starvation in Ethiopia at that time. It was released as 45″ single that year. It featured the very cream of the British pop elite in the mid 80’s. Besides George/Wham there were Sting, Duran Duran, U2, Phil Collins on drums to name a few of them. No i’m not gonna include that song.

Let’s jump to the year of 1992 and the classic world famous arena of Wembley Stadium in London. That year a huge tribute concert to the late frontman/lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury was beeing held with several British and American artists/groups.
George was featured as one performer on this show on which he did 3 songs 39, These Are the Days of Our Lifes (a duet with Lisa Stansfield) and the kinda Gospel penned Somebody to Love together with the London Community Gospel Choir and just like the rest of the cast he was also singing in the great finale We Are the Champions.

The official cause of his death is said to be heart failure he died in his sleep. That might be the case but oh the irony of dying on Christmas day thinking that during the entire December you can’t pass by almost any store without hearing the big season hit Last Christmas. The same with almost like every radio station will play it during December. He was found by his partner on the morning of Christmas day (December 25) this year. No doubt that he left us way too early. He was 53 years old on his passing. Now this clip below you might think this guy has totally lost it, completely disillusioned and one major “foil hat”. But i see a pattern here which he mentions. Not saying he has right but for me it actually does make sense. You make your own opinion about it.

However there are a kinda secret, demonic society that controls the showbiz and it’s called the Illuminati. If you heard about them you might think that i have lost it and i’m just believing another crazy conspiracy theory. I leave it up to you to think wether i’m sane or not. Personally i don’t believe in coincidences there is a greater master plan behind it all. Let’s leave it like that cause after all this blog ain’t about politics or “conspiracy theories” but music!

Finally something about the song i’ve choosen. It was written by himself and was featured on the Wham! album “Make it Big“. It was also released as a single in 2 versions in a way. One “version” was George Michael as a solo artist and the second one was Wham! featuring George Michael. The “second version” was only called so in Japan, Canada and the United States. The song was his first solo hit released in 1984 though he was still performing with Wham!.

This song reached #1 at the charts in 25 different countries and sold 6 million copies world wide. Further it has a very prominent saxophone riff. For beeing over 30 years old, recorded and produced in the mid 80’s the mix is very like fresh and sounds not like 1984 at all! The song is offcourse Careless Whisper a song i’ve always have had “a thing for”, a song that never really let go. Somehow it always stays in the back of your head or memory. Kinda funny in a way cause i have no special or precious memories connecting to the song. I still remember when i heard it/saw the video on tv for the first time i was 10 years old back then! Man time sure does flies!

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