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So i’m back again with a new edition of the slickest blog on the web, at least according to me and if you disagree with me so be it 🙂                                                                                Anyway since the last times i’ve written it’s been many men so today it’s time for a woman. A R&B/soul singer who i believe is not so famous. When the disco era faded away some singers became forgotten and today’s singer Cheryl Lynn is one of those i believe.

Cheryl as she looks these days.

We’ll do as we always do by go way back to the very beginning and in this case it was March 11 1957. Just like many others before and after her began singing and performing in the local church choir. Her professional singing career began in 1976 when she obtained a job as a backing vocalist for the national touring company of the musical drama The Wiz. Prior to her appearance on The Wiz, Cheryl taped an episode of the Gong Show during the early part of 1976. She scored a perfect 30 singing Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful”, a previous act (a singing juggler) had also scored 30 and in the audience applause tie-break the juggler was deemed the winner. After the episode was broadcast, during the autumn of 1976, record industry executives were calling to contract her.

Cheryl back in the days.

That jury or crowd must have been some big time moron to pick some juggler instead of a young beautiful woman with an awesome voice. Well i guess she wasn’t too disappointed cause she would get her chance anyway since the record companies had spotted her as i mentioned earlier. Atlanctic Records wanted to sign her but founder and CEO Ahmed Ertegun couldn’t come to an initial meeting with Cheryl so she signed with Columbia Records instead. She released her first single also first song and still today it’s her most famous one. The song is called “Got to Be Real” and it was composed by David Paich (keyboardist in Toto) whom along with his father also produced the song, super producer/songwriter David Foster and Lynn herself.

The song scored #12 on Billboard Hot 100 record chart and #1 on the Rhythm & Blues chart. Since this single became a huge success she got to record a full album still with Columbia Records. Her debut album came later in 1978 also produced by Paich. The album sold more than a million copies and scored #5 on Billboard magazines R&B albums chart and #23 on Billboards top 200 album charts. The next single off the album, written by Judy Wieder and John Footman, “Star Love”‘, also became a #1 success.            Wieder and Footman rejoined forces for Cheryl’s next album, “In Love”.                          As i mentioned the keyboardist of Toto whom co-wrote and co-produced her first single. At this time Toto were working on their debut album and Cheryl was asked to provide background vocals for the single “Georgy Porgy”. The song is concidered “a classic Toto song” which they still perform today. This song with Cheryl is the only Toto song to find it’s way to the dance charts!

 The first album with i got with Cheryl was a collection with her most famous songs  including the Toto hit “Georgy Porgy. I remember seeing her name on a Toto album but never really remembered it until i bought this cd and put one and one together. Then i relalized that “this Cheryl Lynn” was the same Cheryl Lynn who sang on the Toto song.  Cheryl continued recording albums during the 1980:s but none reached the same heights as her debut. Why this happened one can only speculate about cause it wasn’t lack of material or “bad producers”, she had Ray “Ghostbusters” Parker JR and she also had Luther Vandross producing an album. The two of them made a duet, a cover version of a song first recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, “If This World Was Mine”. Later in the mid 80:s she worked with some of the hippest R&B producers from that time. Thou she made music during the 1990:s she didn’t get much attention from what she did. I’d say i’m not too wrong when i’m saying she kinda faded away along with the disco.

Cheryl along with Luther Vandross during the Instant Love sessions, Cheryl’s fourth album.

She has had quite a long career from the late 1970:s until today but on the other hand it was not so long if you measuring in sales number and avarence. From that perspective it was a short career during a few years in the late 70:s and early 80:s. Either way she did have an amazing voice back in the days and listen to “Star Love” whilst doing that you’ll realize that Mariah Carey wasn’t the first one singing so called “flute notes”. The song i’ve choosen this time is from her debut album Cheryl Lynn and it’s called “Give My Love to You”.

Enjoy your listening!!

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