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Time again for another edition of World of Slick Music, the web’s most slick blog according to myself 😉                                                                                                                     Anyway today’s artist i’m not so sure how well known he is for the big mass so to speak. If you don’t know about him now you will after reading this, promise! Artist of the day is the Canadian singer/songwriter Gino Vannelli.

He was born June 16 in 1952 in Montreal, Quebec to Delia and Ross. He has two brothers, Ross and Joe. His father was a big band musician so the music was there from the very beginning. At young age his biggest passion was music and he began playing percussion as a youngster as well. When he was 15 he began writing his own songs. Just after high school he got his first record deal with RCA under the pseudonym Vann Eli but went on study music at McGill University. After a stint in New York City along with brother Joe he went to Los Angeles in a financially distraught and desperate state to wait outside trumpeter Herb Albert’s locked gate for an audition. Gino like put everything on one card so to speak, an failed audition here would mean that he would get back to Montreal and Canada.

Herp Alpert liked what he heard and signed the brothers to A&M Records and in 1973 his first album was released, picture above. On this album Gino and brother Joe pretty much played every instrument expect for flute and marimba. Before there was so called polyphonic synthesizers his brother Joe were very experimenting with overdubbing multiple parts to create a texture of sound that was progressive for the early 1970s.          In 1974 his second album People Gotta Move was released and made it to No. 22 on Billboard Top 100. Later this year he met his wife Patricia and they married shortly after. On February 15 1975 Gino became the second Caucasian to appear on the tv show Soul Train. This was his tv debut and as his records were climbing the charts he was touring as opening act for Stevie Wonder.

Gino and his wife Patricia sometime in the late 1970:s.

He got his first Grammy Award nomination in 1978 for the song “I Just Wanna Stop” from the Brother to Brother album. The song went to #1 in Canada and #4 in the United States.  The album was certified platinum in early 1979. Vannelli won Canada’s Juno Award for Best Male Artist. Vannelli also won Juno Awards in 1976 and 1979. In my opinion the Brother to Brother album, which is his most successful one, is his best studio album. The title track is to say the least one major killer track one of those songs that won’t let go with you! On the picture below you’ll see Gino’s most successful album.

Gino and Joe in 1978 picture below.

He kept recording albums during the 1980:s but they did not sell as good as some of the previously ones still he always had a big audicence. In 1986 his only son Anton was born and it was during the sessions of Big Dreamers Never Sleep. He made another two albums during the eighties Nightwalker (1981) and Black Cars (1985). Next studio album came in 1990 followed by an live album recorded in Montreal the year after. Then he didn’t do so much for a few years but returned with an another album in 1995 and another one in 1998. So not that active during the nineties at least not when it came to making albums.

He lives partly in Amersfoort, Netherlands and in the United States. He’s still very popular on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. When not recording or touring he teaches Master classes. So let’s jump to the 2000:s and what he has been up to these last like 15 years. In 2007 perfomed in sold-out-shows first in March in Las Vegas. By request, encore performances were given two months later at the Flamingo Showroom. Later the same year in November he performed 3 sold-out-shows in New Orleans. The concerts were a humanitarian effort with proceeds benefiting local charities.


On May 13, 2014, Vannelli’s the “Live in LA” CD/DVD compilation was released by the Sono Recording Group. The presentation was recorded live onstage at the historic Saban Theater in Los Angeles on November 8, 2013, which represented Vannelli’s first performance in Los Angeles in more than 15 years. The recording also marks the first on-stage collaboration in many years between the three Vannelli brothers (including Ross Vannelli as producer, editor, and mixer).

So if i was to say something about his music, it’s not easy place it in only one genre cause it’s a mix of rock, soul, funk, jazz, R&B, west coast. His albums are often very well arranged and produced, solid productions on which his brother Joe often are featured as keyboardist and brother you as producer. Ross his also working as a producer for a new album for Tower of Power thou it’s not released yet. What song to choose was not difficult at all rather which version…since i try to have the same version both on Spotify and on Youtube however not all versions are included on Spotify. So here’s the deal, you get one like “Spotify version” and one “Youtube version” how about that?! The song is offcourse the killer track “Brother to Brother”.

Bonus version:

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