World of Slick Music -Gabriela Anders

World of Slick Music
– Gabriela Anders

Hi folks!

Time again for another edition of the slickest blog on the web and today it’s all about singer/pianist Gabriela Anders from Argentina. Not so well known i guess but here’s your chance to discover a new artist if you haven’t heard of here before! Since i always goes way back to the very beginning when writing here let’s continue with that 😉              It all began on March 17 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A beautiful woman don’t you think?!

The music was there from the very beginning in Gabriela’s case since her father was a notably saxophone player and his father a classic violinst and her grandmother on her mothers side was a piano teacher. Yes the music is within her dna and as born in Argentina she adepted the music of her native country as well pop music of the like next door country in the north west, Brazil. She began studying at the Buenos Aires conservatory for classical music but in her mind told her it wasn’t quite right. Remembering her father was a saxman and she fel mor connected to jazz. Instead of finishing her studies in Buenos Aires she decided to move to the big apple, New York. There she studied orchestration for brass and strings in a class conducted by Don Sebesky and composition at Hunter College.

While living in New York she was soaking up jazz and R&B sensibilities and the music of icons such as John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon. Gabriela worked hard composing own material and singing at clubs. During college she sang with Grover Washington Jr (saxman) and Tito Puente (mambo musician, latin music composer). As i mentioned she was working hard at clubs and this finally paid off when she signed a record deal with Warner Brothers Jazz in the late 1990:s. Their first album came in 1999 called Wanting and it’s a mix of Latin, Jazz, Bossa on which Gabriela herself had composed 10 out of 12 songs. When growing up in Buenos Aires she heard lot’s of Brazilian music and she found it very fascinating cause she says “it’s so harmonically rich and melodically instresting”.

This album elicited much praise for Gabriela’s vision and impassioned vocal style. Her unique marriage of Latin and Jazz led to Vogue and People Magazine describing her music as “excotic and bold”, “wonderfully soulful”, and “one of the most distinctive new voices to hit the music scene in years”. On this album which was recorded in both Los Angeles and New York we find many bad cats such as George Duke whom also produced 3 songs, Kirk Whalum, Rick Braun (trumpet), Gregg Karukas (keyboards) to name just a few. Today’s song is actually taken from this album but i get back to that later. She made another album with Warner called Gabriela which was a european release with cats like Christian McBride (bass), Amir ?estlove Thompson, drummer of The Roots, Kirk Whalum again. Just like the previously one she had written 10 of 12 songs here.

After Gabriela she has made another 4 albums pretty much in the same style, i mean she has found her style and she has developed her skills both as a singer but also as composer as well as a arranger. Gabriela is definetely not afraid of take popular and well known songs from diffrent genres and totally rearrange them. For example on her Last Tango in Rio album from 2004 she does a classic Billie Holliday song, God Bless the Child, in a very different version! It’s funky still you recognize the melody jet it’s also very Latin with accordion and i’m not the biggest fan of that instrument…but here it actually sounds cool! How about that! On another album she does the famous Earth, Wind & Fire song September in a much different bossa version much more laid back and soft. Also on that album we find a classic Rolling Stones hit, (I Can Get) no Satisfaction totally rearranged but it works. The most singers/artists knows what they can do and not so why trying to do just another like cover version instead of do it the way it goes best with your voice and the way you usually sing. No doubt Gabriela is very much talented and she has continue to refine her talents during her career.

Her most recent album came last year and it’s called Cool Again and it’s definetely worth to check out it you’re intrested in doing so. And from one thing to another on the more private side is she married to guitarist Wayne Krantz. As i mentioned earlier today’s song is from her first album Wanting and it’s called Feels So Good and not just anybody who plays on it but some real bad cats! Oscar Brashear (trumpet), Paul Jackson Jr (guitar), Byron Miller (bass), Leon “Ndugu” Chancler (drums) and George Duke besides played keyboards on the track also produced it. Speaking of George Duke in 1999 at the annual Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switserland Gabriela joined him on vocals singing his song Brazilian Love Affair and it’s a bonus video today!

A great picture yet so sad…so sad…left on the picture drummer Ricky Lawson (R.I.P.) and to the right George Duke (R.I.P.). At least Ricky and George are jamming together in heaven now. What do i think about Gabriela then, besides beeing very beautiful and talented? Personally i think the stuff she does best is when she sing more relaxed and soft kinda like bossa or so cause it suits her voice best but that’s just my opinion. Offcourse she wants to sing in different styles and see what she can do and not saying that she sings bad if she ain’t singing more like softer.

Bonus video:


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