World of Slick Music – Christmas edition

Hi folks!
I’m back again with a christmas special in that way we’re gonna revisit some old friends and let them help get into the right christmas mood. As we all now christmas is just 1 day away…some of us are excited others not but it’s all fine there aren’t any right or wrong. If you feel happy with your choice it’s all fine! So back to the music and today i won’t present some new artist. When i started this blog in the beginning of this year the first artist out was Patti Austin that’s why she comes first! Here she’s singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and it also features the soulful sound of the tenor sax of Kirk Whalum! Now this version is available on a album called Smooth & Soulful Christmas many different artists on that album from 2007.

That was Patti Austin and Kirk Whalum doing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Next singer is Will Downing and he sings The Christmas Song and this version features the alto sax of David Sanborn. Taken from Will’s christmas album released in 2004. Not the best album by Will and it’s not quite like solid imo but it still has some smooth and slick songs!

That was my man Will doing the classic song The Christmas Song with the assistance of David Sanborn. Sometime next year you’ll be able to read about Dave…stay tuned!

Next one up is the legendary Anita Baker doing another classic season song. This one is a like classisc and very traditional song in Sweden as well. Here comes O Come All Ye Faithful in a typical Anita arrangement and she has some fine cats playing on this version, they are actually also some old friends here, Yellowjackets! It’s taken from Anita’s latest album which happens to be her christmas album. It does offcourse sounds like Anita but it is also more jazzy than her previously stuff.

I hope you enjoyed Anita taking on a tradtional christmas classic song. Check out her album it’s definetely worth it!

Let’s move on with the next one and here comes the legendary band Earth Wind & Fire with their version of yet another classic christmas song What Child This Is. This version can be found on their christmas album from 2014. If you love christmas and EWF you’ll gonna love this i promise the best of two worlds! Here it comes.

According to my playlist Brian Culberson is coming up next and this time it’s actually not a tradtional song but one original one written by himself and it features another old friend on lead vocals, Michael Mcdonald. You find this song on Brian’s christmas album A Soulful Christmas from 2006 and this gotta be one of the best christmas albums ever recorded!! Trust me on this one and here it comes All Through The Christmas Night with Brian Culbertson featuring Michael McDonald on lead vocals.

So that was Brian Culbertson and Michael McDonald doing Brian’s own composition All Through The Christmas Night. I totally assume you enjoyed this one just as much as i do, every christmas this is the album i play the most on my player…just saying 😀

Either you think finally or no since last song and artist coming now and the last one in this christmas special is the legendary singer Al Jarreau. He’s taking on another traditional song Gloria In Excelsis. This song is taken from Al’s christmas album from 2008 simply called Christmas. Just like in the case of Anita Baker this has that certain Al vibe we all love but also some more jazzy songs and some with a certain gospel vibe. All together it’s a great album and if you love Al you’ll love this album!!

Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy New Slick Year!!!


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