World of Slick Music – Hawk on Flight

Hi there folks!
Once again it’s been a long time since last post, guess i’m too lazy to write or something…however now i’m back. For you who read this and lives outside Sweden no matter if it’s in Europe or America and have heard about this band before let me know! Don’t think they are so especially famous outside Sweden. Anyway Hawk on Flight is considered to be one of the most important fusion groups in Sweden and they have been compared with giants as Miles Davis and Weather Report!

The latest setting of Hawk on Flight.                                                                                        Left to right: Christer Sjöström (drums), Lars Jansson (piano, keyboards),    Ove Ingemarsson (tenor sax, ewi), Staffan William Olssson (guitar) Matz Nilsson (frestless bass)
This band comes from my town of Gothenburg (Göteborg, Swedish spell), Sweden so i thought i do some like promotion here 😉 They were founded in 1976 by Matz Nilsson, Haakon Graf (keyboard), Ulf Wakenius (guitar),          Niels Nordin (drums). Then 3 years later their debut album was released called In Time for Hawk on Flight.  During the 1980:s and early 1990:s they continued making albums and the last one came 1993 called Fly Free Faster, picture below.

The band quit in 1996 but were reunited again in 2006. They had, well still have a quite unique sound with electric frestlass bass sound of Matz Nilsson and later the tenor sax and ewi of Ove Ingemarsson, who clearly is very much influenced by Michael Brecker. Just like in the most bands many different people have come and gone in Hawk on Flight. The most successful member of them all gotta be Ulf Wakenius, still living in Gothenburg, and touring world wide playing festivals everywhere and i will return to him. Just like Weather Report was famous for creating their sound around the bass playing of Jaco Pastorious HOF kinda did the same thing, with Matz Nilsson, so the comparison with the legendary band is not taken like out of the blue so to speak.

Matz Nilsson and Ove Ingemarsson, with the EWI, in action
If you got Spotify you can find 3 albums, depending how you search. You can search with either Hawk on Flight or with the leader and founder Matz Nilsson. On Youtube you can find some songs from their first album. But if you choose Spotify when listening i’d say that the album Blue Eyed from 1984 is the one that actually sounds best and more modern despite it was recorded 31 years ago. Now keep this in mind, i’m a huge sax lover but on this very album Ove Ingermarsson is NOT featured still i think it sounds best! The very reason for this is that the other two albums Spotify has sounds so “dated” like very much “early 1990:s fusion sound”. Despite this they are still good and today’s song is from the one of those. The song is from the latest/last album Fly Free Faster released in 1993.
As always enjoy your listening!!
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