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Since it’s Sunday today it means that today’s song is more in a gospel style.             The artist is a swedish group which existed between 1978 -1992 consisting of 4 persons Lasse Edin his brother Bertil Edin then Simon Ådahl and last but not least the main singer Frank Ådahl. They were officially founded on June 10th in 1978.

detta år var det edin ådahl som vann 1 jag ser en stjärna falla ...

The group around 1990 left to right: Lasse Edin, Simon Ådahl, Frank Ådahl, Bertil Edin.

The group first gained fame within the churches in Sweden since they were all Christians. They released their first album 1980 simply called Edin-Ådahl. On the most recordings Frank was the lead singer and i believe that he also played the drums in the beginning. His brother Simon played the bass then Lasse played the guitar and Bertil the piano. Their style was like a mix of Gospel, Pop/Rock, Soul mostly depending on who was the singer. In 1990 they kinda reached a bigger audience when they participated in the annual, national Swedish Song Contest  singing the song Like A Wind (Som En Vind in Swedish), see picture below. Not many would have thought that they should win this contest but they did.

Edin-Ådahl slog ut favoriten Carola och vann Melodifestivalen 1990 ...

Now the one who wins this contest gets to sing in the bigger Eurovison Song Contest in which they came on 16th place. Both Simon and Frank have participated later in this contest, Simon in 1995 and Frank the year after. They were touring and playing all over Sweden and Scandinavia during the 1980:s and all together they did 8 albums.

Bildresultat för edin-ådahl

Frank and Simon today.

However i’m not quite sure why they decided to disband the group, maybe they just like had it. That doesn’t mean that they stopped making music. In 1994 Frank lend his voice in the Swedish edition of The Lion King doing the lion Simba and the elephant Mumfie. In my opinion Frank is one of the best male singers in Sweden and has been providing background vocals or singing duets with lots of artists here both Christian and non Christian. Frank is featured as one of many singers on a tribute album to David Foster from 2009 called Fly Away – The Songs of David Foster.

Fly Away: The Songs of David Foster/

This must have been quite something special for Frank cause there are some like AOR/West Coast icons on this album. Guys like Bill Champlin, Bill LaBounty, Bill Cantos, Robbie Dupree to name a few. The voice of Frank can be heard on 2 songs first The Colour of My Love first recorded by Celine Dion on her album with the same name. Second one is Nothing You Can Do About It by Airplay, one of the best songs ever recorded! If you happens to see this album don’t hesitate of buying it i promise you’ll love it big time!!

Nowadays Frank and Simon are touring and performing together simply calling themselves Ådahls. Simon has had a book published in which he describes his journey from beeing Christian losing his faith, and not wanted to be associated with christianity what so ever and how he got his faith back. During this he also faced struggles in his private life.

Bildresultat för edin-ådahl

Picture above shows Simon’s book, in english the title is The Unexpcted Journey

Together with Frank they released the album Roots in 2003 and two solo albums Larm in 2011 and Big Bang in 2013.                                                                                So what about the other 2 brothers, what are they up to?                                            Also in 2013 Lasse Edin relased his second solo album called Strange Man Walking but the road going there was far from easy. In 1987 he suffered from a neurologic disease which goes under the name of cervikal dystoni. It is described as a evil cousin to Parkinson and it starts as muscle tension in the neck and gradually developed into involuntary twisting of the head to the side, often with elements of spasms and pain.

tillbaka efter 20 år är lasse edin en fjärdedel av gruppen edin ...

Lasse says that he’s basically fully recovered today due to a succesful surgery in 2005. He gives cred to the 3 people who won the Nobel Prize in Physiologi/Medecine in 2013 and their discoveries transporting in cells. He describes his album as more analog with inspiration fromthe 1960/70 and bands like Beatles, Byrds, Everly Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival. He also says that older brother Bertil is his musical mentor whom i believe works as a pastor now.

Bildresultat för bertil edin

Picture above shows Bertil’s first solo album from 1985 called Cross The Border.

And picture below shows his second solo album from 1994, in english called A Sea Of Love.

Bertil Edin - Ett bav av karlek

So how about the song then, yes i’ve found one which i like a lot. The song isn’t really typical for their style but it does have a certain like slick and a bit funky gospel vibe. It’s called Revival.

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