World of Slick Music – Sir Paul McCartney

Hi folks!

Yes it’s been some time since last post here but now i’m back and today’s artist is no one else than THE one and only Sir Paul McCartney!                                            Have i lost my mind, tripped, fell and hit my head cause the music Macca, his nickname, usually does isn’t slick at all neither the Beatles’ music is what people would laber “slick”.

Bildresultat för paul mccartney

I agree i wouldn’t label his music “slick” either but i’ve mangaged to find a quite, for beeing Macca, slick tune.  So if you know Paul and his music and legacy it would be kinda boring having one more “telling his story” just like hundreds or more already have done. You’ve know about The Beatles and so on…but for someone who, if it’s even possible, to NOT have head anything regarding Macca might wonder who this dude is.

Paul McCartney Young Paul

Ok short version he was born in Liverpool, England on June 18 1942. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, composer. When he was 15 he met a person whom later would become his right hand in songwriting, a certain guy named John Lennon and his band The Quarrymen. This meeting took place on July 6 1957 at the St Peter’s Church Hall fête  in Woolton, a affluent suburb to Liverpool. Soon after Macca was asked to join The Quarrymen which was a skiffle band which means they played a music with rock, blues, jazz, folk influences cause this type of music was very popular then.

Bildresultat för the quarrymen

The Quarrymen left to right: Pete Best, George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Stuart Sutcliffe.

Bildresultat för the beatles

The Beatles around 1964/65 i guess.

Despite this or maybe due to this major success the band officially broke up 1970 and the reason for that?                                                                                                         Well i think you’ll get as many different answers as there are fans so i’m not gonna go there!                                                                                                                            Despite those potential answers there were a lot of tentions going on within the band and in the early years they never brought their wives/girlfriends to the studio. Then all of a sudden John brought his wife Yoko Ono to the sessions something the other 3 very much disliked.

Bildresultat för beatles sgt peppers

The famous Sgt Peppper album from 1967 which is considered a masterpiece among the most criticts/reviewers including Brian Wilson creative leader of The Beach Boys!

Not saying that’s the reason for the break up just mentioning it as 1 reason for the tentions thou keep in mind that for the first years they were together almost 24/7 so no wonder things eventually takes the wrong turn unfortunately.                        Anyway few band have had such a huge impact on the music industry ever since and their legacy is undoubted.

Bildresultat för paul mccartney nirvana

For example ask Dave Grohl, picture above, ex drummer Nirvana and leader/founder/lead guitarist of Foo Fighters who looked like a child on christmas eve when he got to play with Paul McCartney! Still there are many kids growing up discovering the music of the Beatles playing all kinds of music.

Bildresultat för the beatles

The Beatles around 1970 left to right George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr

Paul released his first solo album called McCartney in 1970 which reached #1 in U.S. he continued recording albums in the early 70:s but didn’t do much performing spending most time on his farm outside London with his wife Linda and their children. “I didn’t really want to keep going as a solo artist … so it became obvious that I had to get a band together … Linda and I talked it through and it was like, ‘Yeah, but let’s not put together a supergroup, let’s go back to square one”. That was how his group Wings was born and boy did they went back to square one?!

Bildresultat för paul mccartney and wings

Many different musicians were in Wings but the core was these 3 on the pic above Paul, his wife Linda and Denny Laine.  Shortly after Wings was like founded they put their gears in a van and drove to some university in northen England! Macca said like “hi i’m Paul McCartney and this is my new group Wings, we wonder if we could play here?!”                                                                                           If that isn’t back to square one i don’t know what would be!

Bildresultat för wings over america

Wings live somewhere in America.

Needless to say that Wings made it big time as well and they also did the theme for the James Bond movie Live And Let Die, produced by George Martin who was the main producer for The Beatles and received a Academy Award nomination and also gave Maritn a Grammy for his orchestral arrangement. Wings was dispanded in April 1981 when Macca felt he had accomplished all he wanted with the group. The next year he co-worked with another legend and icon Stevie Wonder on 2 songs, What’s That You’re Doing and the way more famous Ebony & Ivory.

Bildresultat för paul mccartney stevie wonder

This is how the EP/single front side looked liked when it was released in 1982. The 2 songs with Stevie appears on the McCartney Tug of War album from the same year and i’d say this is his best solo album. It turned out that Macca was working with another icon in 1982, Michael Jackson on the song This Girl is Mine which appears on the best selling album of all time Thriller. Next year Jacko and Macca were working together again this time on the song Say Say Say which is the most famous one of the 2 duets with Michael Jackson.

Bildresultat för paul mccartney michael jackson

Macca had a quite successful song in the mid 80:s with No More Lonely Nights which features David Gilmour of Pink Floyd on guitar. He has made albums and touring the world basically his whole life, at least since his early 20:s. Some albums are weird and makes no sense but he doesn’t do it for the money at least not only cause if he’s not the richest artist he’s at least top 5!

Give My Regards to Broad Street

The song is taken from the 1984 album called Give My Regards to Broad Street,  picture above, he first time recorded it sometime 1969 and it appears on the Beatles album Let it Be which was their last album to be released thou the second last one to be recorded… Anyway the song is called The Long and Winding Road. This was the somewhat short story of the life and career of Sir Paul McCartney.

Enjoy your listening!!

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