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Hi folks!
It’s been a while since last post but today i’m back again and since it’s Sunday we got a kind of gospel song today. Today’s artist i guess is not so famous, at least she wasn’t known to me before not so long ago. Anyway her name is Trijntje Oosterhuis and is from the Netherlands.

Bildresultat för trijntje oosterhuis

She is born as Judith Katrijntje Oosterhuis on February 5th 1973 in Amsterdam, the biggest city in the Netherlands. Her father was a theologian and former Catholic priest and the mother was a violinist in the Amsterdam Promenade Orchestra. She has one brother, Tjeerd Oosterhuis born 19971. Toghether with the brother she started the band Total Touch which lasted between 1990 – 2001.

trijntje en tjeerd oosterhuis tjeerd trijntje oosterhuis 889 amsterdam ...

Trijntje and her brother Tjeerd on the pic above.
The two siblings started, as i mentioned, the band Total Touch in 1990 and the following year the particpated in the Grote Prijs van Netherland, the most important amateur music contest in the Netherlands. Then a few years later Trijntje got the chance to tour with the perhaps biggest music export of the Netherlands saxplayer Candy Dulfer after collaborating with her on Candy’s album Big Girl. The tour was meant to last for 6 weeks but it developed to a 2 year round the world tour!

Bildresultat för trijntje oosterhuis candy dulfer

Trijntje to the left and Candy Dulfer to the right in action picture above.
So what happend to the band she and the brother had, did they ever got somewhere?               In 1995 the got a record deal and released their debut album Total Touch the next year.  The first single “Touch Me There”, became a summer hit and went Platinum, selling over 100,000 copies in its first month – despite only peaking #14 on the Dutch charts. The next album This Way becmae their first #1 and sold about the same as the previously one thou this album didn’t get much attention outside the Netherands. In 1999 Trijntje took a little break from the band and made a solo album covering Stevie Wonder songs, see pic below.
For Once in My Life: Songs of Stevie Wonder Live
Then in 2001 she and her brother decided to break up the band since Tjeerd wanted to focus on songwriting and production while Trijntje wanted to pursue a solo career.                 In March 2003, Oosterhuis’s debut solo album, Trijntje Oosterhuis, was released and met with moderate success. The album consisted mainly of ballads and presented her as a diva. Trijntje personally has a fondness for Jazz instead of pop ballads, and, in 2004, she therefore signed a record deal with Blue Note and released the live album Strange Fruit consisting of Billie Holliday and George Gershwin covers. The album received critical acclaim, and Trijntje finally managed to achieve fame beyond her home country.

The  Look of Love: Burt Bacharach Songbook

In the years that followed the gave birth to two sons, Jonas in September 2004 and Marijn Benjamin van Den Eeden in July 2006.  They couldn’t came up with a little longer name for the second son? 😉                                                                                                                                                   Anyway the year after 2007 she released another cover album this time with songs of Burt Bacharach along with the Metropole Orchestra, see pic above. She has continued touring and recording ever since the album pictured above. She was also a coach on the Dutch edition of The Voice of Holland in the third season and her final contestant von the whole thing, good coaching i’d say! She has also cooperating with another Dutch artist called Anouk, see picture below.
Bildresultat för trijntje oosterhuis anouk
Another and more famous she has worked and singing duet with is Lionel Richie, bet that looks good on her cv lol!                                                                                                                             Every year in Europe there is this, at least on this continent, huge song contest called Eurovision Song Contest where the majority of the European countries wants to participate and Trijntje is going to represent the Netherlands this year with a song called “Walk Along”.  Trijntje has as i told you earlier here recorded many covers of different artists/songwriters and from that point of view it makes sense that i’ve picked a cover song.  In 2011 she released on Blue Note an album called Sunday’s In New York, see picture below, and on this album we find an old song from 1965 written by Curtis Mayfield and recorded by him and his group at that time The Impressions.
Sundays in New York
Enjoy your listening!!
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