World of Slick Music – Pete Escovedo

Hi everyone!
This time i’m gonna contiune with the Escovedo family and today’s artist is Pete the father of Sheila E. He has been a major force in Latin music since the late 60:s and his versatility has resulted in several areas of music , from Latin jazz and salsa to rock and Latin pop. He was born in Pittisburg, California July 13 1935 but grew up in Oakland also in California. Along with his brothers he formed his first band Escovedo Brothers Latin Jazz Sextet before Carlos Santana hired Pete and his brother Coke for his group. Pete was also the leader for a big big latin jazz 14-24 pieces called Azteca.

Picture above shows the Latin Jazz band Azteca which Pete was the leader for.

Pete Escovedo

This is one super musical family since almost everyone are involved in music, his daughter, sons, brothers…so yes in this case it really does runs in the family! No wonder since as a child Pete was surrounded by music, his father played in some Latin big bands. Pete first played the saxophone in high school and soon switched to Vibes. When pianist Ed Kelly needed a percussionist Pete found his calling. He and his younger brother, the late Coke Escovedo, both developed quickly as percussionists and became greatly in demand for gigs in Northern California. With their youngest brother Phil Escovedo playing bass, the Escovedo Brothers Latin Jazz Sextet was formed a group i’ve mentioned in the beginning.
Picture above shows the Escovedo family left to right, top Pete Michael, Juan and front Pete and Sheila.
Pete dissolved Azteca when the band had grown into 24 pieces it was too expansive to keep a band with that many pieces. After that he has played with, more or less, every Latin/Latin jazz artist there is and countless others. He has rejoined forces with Santana from time to time. His did his first album with Sheila in 1977 with the assistance of Billy Cobham thou he’s mentioned as Emanuel Cobham…cause he was under contract with another label at the time for the recording.
Bildresultat för pete escovedo billy cobham
Picture above shows the first album Pete and Sheila released “Solo Two” from 1977.
Ever since 1977 Pete has contined making albums, touring, playing often with the family. If we take a little look at Pete’s album the entire family is often credited for playing. I don’t see why he shouldn’t, family’s important especially in the latin tradition. This time you might think i’m lame for picking a cover song. In one way i can admit it’s a bit lame but it was the most slick song i could pick that is on both Spotify and Youtube, anyway the song is called “Fantasy”. Originally a hit by Earth, Wind & Fire in 1977. Pete recorded it on his E-Street album from 1997, picture below.
. Bildresultat för pete escovedo e-street
Enjoy your listening!!
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