World of Slick Music – Chris Botti

World of Slick Music
Hi folks!
Yes i’m back with another edition of this thing called world of slick music. Today i think it’s time to introduce the trumpet since we haven’t had any trumpet player so far. Not only that it’s also time to slow things down, turn down the lights…and entering one of the perhaps most sacred rooms in a home…yes the bedroom. We’re gonna have some bedroom jazz and first one out is trumpet player Chris Botti.

Bildresultat för chris botti

Some criticis have described him as “the sexiest trumpet player since Chet Baker” wheater he is or not i’ll leave it up to you to decide…                                                                                            Anyway he is born as Christopher Stephens Botti on October 12th in 1962. He is of both Italian and American origin. His place of birth was in Portland, Oregon and raised in Corvallis also in Oregon. As a child he spend two years living in Italy. His biggest musical influence came from his mother a classically trained pianist and part-time piano teacher. Chris picked up the trumpet when he was 9 and committed to it when he was 12 after he heard Miles Davis play “My Funny Valentine“.

Bildresultat för young chris botti

In 1981, he was selected as a member of McDonalds All American Jazz Band which marked his first Carniegie Hall, a venue in New York City, apperance. He has studied in a few different schools with different teachers. He left the Indiana University during his senior year for a short touring stinsts with jazz giants/legends Frank Sinatra and Buddy Rich. In 1985 he moved to The Big Apple, New York City. There he wanted to hone his craft as a studio musician. In 1990 he began a decade long touring and recording relationship with Paul Simon. On the classic album Concert In the Park from 1991 among others is Chris featured.

Bildresultat för chris botti

The touring with Paul Simon led to gigs/tours with a whole lot of  different artists like Aretha Frankling, Joni Mitchell, Natalie Cole, Bette Midler, Natalie Merchant, Scritti Politti to name some…On 1991 gig in Central Park, New York City he met sax man Michael Brecker who also played in the same horn section. This led to Chrisco- producing a track called “Evocations” on the Brecker Brothers album Out of the Loop from 1994 and this album got a Grammy Award in 1995 for Best Contemporary Jazz Album.

Bildresultat för chris botti michael brecker
Picture above shows the album on which the track Evocations Chris co-produced is featured on.
His first solo album, First Whish was released in 1995 then next Midnight Without You
came in 1997 and his third album Slowing Down the World came in 1999. In that same year he was asked to join Sting on his Brand New Day tour that lasted for about 2 years! Chris says that his relationship with Sting changed the course of his career.

Chris and Sting in action.
He was introduced to Columbia Records by former drummer and co-founder of Blood, Sweat & Tears Bobby Colomby who produced Chris’ first album Colombia. It was released in 2000 and it’s called Night Sessions and today’s song happens to be taken from this very album, picture below.
Bildresultat för chris botti night sessions
His style has changed some over the years from beeing like more fusion/smooth jazz in the beginning to beeing influenced by classic jazz and classical music. He has no problem combining these two genres/worlds. The song is from the album which is pictured above and it’s simply called Lisa. Guys when listening close your eyes…and think about your woman/her name…when we turn the lights off and take place between the sheets…
So enjoy your listening…
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