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World of Slick Music
Hi again everybody!
Been a little while since last post, been tired and thinking of other stuff. This time let’s change continent and go to South America and the country of Brazil from which today’s artist come from. Her name is Sabrina Malheiros.

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Born 1979 in Rio de Janeiro as the daughter of Alex Malheiros who was the bassist in Azymuth, a brazilian jazz/fusion band founded in the 1970:s. I guess you could say that she inherited the interest of music from her father. At the age of six she was enrolling in music school and her first studio recording at before she was seven. No surprise her father’s band is a inspiration for her own music but also fellow country musician Joao Gilberto at least as early inspirations.

Bildresultat för sabrina malheiros

Her first commercial distrubuted recording was the title track Curumim from the album with the same name by her fathers band in 1991. Then if we jump 14 years forward in time we come to the year of 2005 and this was the year her debut album was released, picture below, called Equilibria on which she co-wrote 9 songs
Bildresultat för sabrina malheiros Equilibria,
Then in 2008 her second album came from which today’s song is taken from. Both albums was produced by Daniel Maunick whom she’s also married to. The albums was released on a label called Far Out Recordings.  I gotta give her cred for having good taste in names…lol

Bildresultat för sabrina malheiros

Her music is a mix of bossa and latin offcourse, jazz and samba with “cool, detached-sounding vocals”. Some describes her music as “Nu Bossa” but that is often what critics wanna do always put a label on your music. Under her own name she has made 3 albums, last one came in 2011. I prefer her second one, in my opinion it’s more solid and has a better and more like natural sound.

Bildresultat för sabrina malheiros

Picture shows front page of Sabrina’s last album “Dreaming” from 2011.
The other 2 are overproduced with too much programming and sequencers. She has also been compared with two other female singers from Brazil, Bebel Gilberto and Ceu. If you’re intrested in what she’s up to you can follow your on social medias like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. The song is taken from album #2 called “New Morning”, picture below, andthe song is called “Sintonia” which means “tune” and it’s style is latin/samba rhythms meets funk meets slick! Check her out she’s a great and very talented singer/artist who also happens to be very beautiful…yepp some folks gets the whole package lol

Bildresultat för sabrina malheiros

Enjoy your listening!!
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