World of Slick Music – Randy Crawford

World of Slick Music
Hi there people!
No need to try pretend i have someting like a life or so when you already know that that’s not the case here anyway 😉                                                                                                                                 So that’s why i’m back with another edition of World of Slick Music.                                     Today it’s time for another talented female singer called Randy Crawford and is one of the most readily identifiable voices of any contemporary female vocalist. As soon as you hear her singing you can tell it’s Randy for sure.

Bildresultat för randy crawford

It was February 18 in the year of 1952 when Randy arrived to this world in Macon, Georgia. Thou she calls herself Randy but her birthname was Veronica. Many black artists like her and in her generation began their career in the local church but not Randy and that makes her stand out a little. She began singing at club gigs from Cincinnati to Saint Tropez but she made her name when performing with jazzmen George Benson and Canonball Adderly in New York.
She signed with Columbia Records and released her first single in 1972 “Knock On Wood” / “If You Say the Word”. The single didn’t get much attention so she sang on albums with Canonball Adderley, Fred Wesley of the James Brown Horns, Steve Hackett of Genesis. In 1976 she released her first album “Everything Must Change”, picture below.

Her more commercial break through came in 1979 when she sang on jazzband Crusaders hit “Street Life” taken from the 1979 album with the same name. Leader of that band was keyboardist Joe Sample, may he rest in peace, whom Randy later would work a lot with again both on albums and tours see picture below.

Picture below shows Randy reunited with The Crusaders at the 2003 Montreaux Jazz Festival.

Her second album came in 1977 and she contiued making records through out the rest of the 70:s. In 1981 an album called “Secret Combination” was released and now she kinda began finding her style, slick well produced pop orientated soul with jazz vibes. On this album we find at least 2 of her perhaps most famous songs like “You Bring the Sun Out” and “You Might Need Somebody“. The last one is actually the one i’ve chosen for today. The song perhaps reached a new audience or maybe some rediscovered it in the late 90:s when Englsih r&b singer Shola Ama got an hit with it.

Bildresultat för randy crawford secret combination

Picture above shows the “Secret Combinationfrom 1981.
In 1980 she was tabbed Most Outstanding Performer at the 1980 Tokyo Music Festival. Randy has had a few other bigger hits mostly in Europe and not so much back home in the U.S. one of the more famous i believe is a cover of a classic Bob Dylan song called “Knocking on Heavens Door“. The song featured 2 great and iconic musicians David Sanborn on alto sax and the one and only Eric Clapton on guitar. She has continued making music and latest album came in 2012, a live album with previously mentioned Joe Sample. What she is up to today i don’t really know but a not too wild guess is that she still performs and tours. I mentioned earlier that i’ve choosed “You Might Need Somebody” as today’s slick song and it comes right here!!
Enjoy your listening!!
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