World of Slick Music – Pieces of a Dream

Hi again folks!

This time i´m gonna let you know some about a group called Pieces of a dream. It was founded in the mid 70:s, around 1975/76, in Philly short for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by three at that time teenagers called Cedric Napoleon (bass), Curtis Harmon (drums) and James Lloyd(keyboards).

Picture above: The 3 founders left to right: Curtis Harmon, James Lloyd and Cedric A. Napoleon on top.

The name came from a tune with the same name as the band was written by Michael Legrand and recorded by saxman Stanley Turrentine and this very song was a tune these guys used to play. Another sax dude, Grover Washington Jr, produced the groups first 3 records for the label Elektra, 1981-83 and he also used to play on some of their earliest albums.

On the pic above left to right: Cherie Mitchell (Keyboards), James Lloyd (Keyboards), Eddie Bacchus (saxophone), Curtis Harmon (Drums), David Dyson (Bass), Ramona Dunlap (Vocals)

In 1990s a fourth guy became a member and offcourse it was yet another sax player called Ron Kerber but on the last albums another guy played the sax, Eddie Bacchus Jr. Their music have mostly been classified as R&B but have always included some jazz tunes on the albums and shows. The music itself is often very melodic and mellow with a certain romantic touch and mostly instrumental thou they use vocalists as well.

Around 2000 a collection was released of their, according to some or someone, best songs but they did some good albums in the early 2000s. They have toured and performed not only with earlier mentioned Groover Washington Jr but also some other saxmen such as Gerald Albright and Kirk Whalum. Sometime late 90:s/early 2000:s co-founder Cedric Napoelon left or maybe got fired don’t really know. Nowadays it’s David Dyson playing the bass on tours and on albums. Last album was released in 2013 called “In The Moment”, picture below.

Bildresultat för pieces of a dream in the moment

The song i´ve choosen is from the 2002 album called “Love´s Silhouette”, picture below, and the funky tune called “Slither”

 Here comes “Slither” with Pieces of a dream.
Enjoy your listening!!
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