World of Slick Music – Lalah Hathaway

Lalah Hathaway
Hi guess who here again…:)
Today it’s about a perhaps not so, for the big mass, famous r & b singer never the less she’s one amazing singer and super talented and about a week ago on the February 8th she received her second Grammy Award.
She is daughter of the great and legendary soul icon Donny Hathaway which means that the music was there from the very beginning.
Bildresultat för donny hathawayBildresultat för lalah hathaway
Pictures showing father Donny left and Lalah right.
Perhaps this man is totally unknown for you but for those of us who are big time into classic soul music you can’t ignore him.
Well it was the daugther we should talk about here not her father so she was born in Chicago, Illnois as Eulaulah Donyll Hathaway but she calls herself Lalah, can see why since the first name is kind of hard to pronounce 🙂
She has sometimes beeing referred to as “First daughter of Soul” and is a classically trained vocalist
In 1990 she released her debut album called “Lalah Hathaway” while beeing a student at the “Berklee College of Music”. Picture below showing how her first allbum looked like.

Bildresultat för lalah hathaway

The lead single of the album “Heaven Knows” became a top ten hit, reached #3 on the Hot R&B charts however  he singles that didn´t become especially successful.
Next album came in 1994 but didn´t make it big and then a few years later she collaborated with jazz-pianist Joe Sample on the album “The Song lives on”, it´s not in the r&b/soul genre but jazz. It shows the versatility as a vocalist beeing able to handle several genres.


Picture above showing the “The Song Lives On” album with Lalah and Joe Sample.
This album eventually became one of the most successful albums for both Lalah and Joe in chart and got the Billboard/Bet on Jazz Award for “Mainstream jazz album”. I can see why since it´s a really great album!
Third album came in 2004 and contained a hit single, a cover of a song by Luther Vandross, “Forever, For Always, For Love it reached #1 on the Hot Adult R&B Airplay. It did also gain a lot airplay on the so called “smooth jazz” stations.

Picture above showing front of the “Outrun The Sky” album.
Lalah has proved she can do more than just urban r&b but she has sung jazz, gospel, pop/rock and fusion as well so you can tell she´s very talented.
One thing is kind of “scary” with her and that is sometimes when she sing it sounds just like her father, especially in the lower registers so to speak. Her voice is quite dark for a woman but this doesn´t mean she hasn´t got a big vocal range cause she does. Another album came in 2008, picture below, on the revived classic, legendary soul/r & b label Stax.
The same year i had the pleasure to see her perform at B.B. King´s Blues Club located in the area of Times Square, the heart of New York City! Me and my buddy definitely stood out by beeing pretty much the only white people there but we didn´t care and no one else did either so it was all cool!
Her most recent album came in 2011 called “Where It All Begins“, picture below.

In 2014 Lalah received her first Grammy Award for the song “Something” a which she was collaborated with the music collective Snarky Puppy. As i mentioned in the beginning Grammy Award number 2 for “Best Traditional R & B Performance” came recently, this time for the song “Jesus Children” along with Robert Glasper and Malcolm Jamal Warner.
She has performed and recorded songs of her father but i haven´t choosed any of those, the song here it´s the hit single “Forever, For Always, For Love” taken from the album “Outrun the sky”.
Enjoy the listening!
Bonus video: Lalah and Snarky Puppy doing “Something”. P.S. About 6 minutes in the song whatever you do don’t miss checking out when the musicians “are losing it” priceless!!
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