World of Slick Music – Seawind


Hi folks Sunday’s here again and time for a “gospel” tune again.

Ok let´s have a band this time shall we? 🙂 Not so famous for the most people this band i´d guess, discovered them myself about 3 years ago…but it´s a great band and i don’t mind discover new artists.

They were founded in the mid 70:s on Hawaii consisting of lead singer Pauline Wilson, her at that time, husband Bob Wilson on drums, bassplayer Ken Wild, guitarist Bud Nuanez and last but not least The Seawind Horns and they were Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams. The hornsection were very much a notalble part of the bands´s sound.

Picture showing the Seawind Horns some time in the 1970:s, left to right: Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Larry Williams, Kim Hutchcroft.
 Pictures below showing, first the band in the mid 70:s and then about 30 years later at the time for their reunion!! Pretty cool don’t you think? At least i do 🙂
On booth pics left to right: Larry Hall, Bud Nuanez, Kim Hutchcroft (man with glasses and a hat), Ken Wild, Bob Wilson, Larry Williams, Pauline Wilson.

 The horn players were pretty much unknown at this time but would later become top notch session players and especially Jerry Hey would become the perhaps best horn arranger in the music business!! Arranging and playing horn for everyone and everything and this guy keeps coming back all the time no matter which artist i may write about. This should tell you something about his “status” in the music business.

A very typical “70:s pic” above, come on check out the hairstyles, the beards and the hawaiian shirts!! By the way the 70:s just called and wanted its picture back 😀 😀
How did/does the band sound? Well a hint is what the site says. “This influential late-’70s pop/jazz outfit boasted in-the-pocket grooves, clever horn charts, and Pauline Wilson‘s signature vocals set to lyrics that (more often than not) clearly communicated a Christian world view”. Otherwise  check out the links at the end and find out for yourself.

Well think Tower of Power funk meets instrumental fusion jazz along with the signature vocals of Pauline Wilson. First album came in 1976, produced by session drummer Harvey Mason, picture below.

They  made 4 albums between 1976 – 80 and a reunion under the name Seawind however Bob and Pauline made one in their own names but with the same trademarks, sound and musicians…hm Seawind or not Seawind that´s the question 🙂 However it was called “Somebody Loves You”, picture below.

Somebody Loves You

Singer Pauline Wilson was the first vocalist from Hawaii to win a GrammyAward, singing a duet called “Friends” with jazz guitarist George Benson on the album “In Harmony – A Sesame Street Record” and the album won a Grammy Award for Best Album for Children 1979.  In 1982 they broke up but were reunited in 2005 and released an album in 2009 called Reuninonwhich contains some old songs and some never ones and two of the songs includes the great singer Al Jarreau!

Picture taken from the reunion sessions 2008/09, left to right Blue Johnson (manager), Larry Williams, Pauline Wilson, Al Jarreau, Bob Wilson.
Picture shows the front side of the “Reunion” album.
On Facebook there’s a group dedicated to Seawind and it’s administrated by long time manager Blue Johnson. Check it out many pics and clips from the 70:s until today besides some of the members are also in this public Facebook group…just saying…

Here’s a fresh pic of the Seawind Horns, left to right: Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach, Gary Grant, Larry Hall.

A newer picture of Pauline Wilson above.
 The song i choosed is taken from the “Reunion” album  and it’s called “You´re my everything” and enjoy your listening!!
Bonus: a brand new song/video with the band kalled “Your Love” it was uploaded to Youtube on December 29th last year! (bonus)
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