World of Slick Music – Per-Erik Hallin

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Sunday again and that means time for a gospel tune again hope you don’t mind…anyway today’s artist is a fellow country man of me meaning he’s also from Sweden. He goes under the name of Per-Erik Hallin and is a incredible piano player and a singer. On January the 7th 1950 he came to this earth in Stockholm. He has mostly been playing christian music such as gospel but also more like pop and rock with a little gospel twist and/or with christian themes.

Besides performing his own music he has lend his voice to Disney in Sweden as Donald Duck! How about that!                                                                                                                                      This guy has a cool thing on his cv that i thing many musicians would envy him for cause in 1974/75 he got to perform and record with  “The King” a/k/a Elvis Aaron Presley!     Per-Erik or Pete as they called him over there played the piano and sang on 3 Elvis albums, “Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis”, “Good Times”, “Promised Land”. On the live album Per-Erik contributed as singer in a group called VOICE, picture below.
The vocal group VOICE with Per-Erik Pete on the far right.
In the mid 80:s he performed 2 years in a row at the biggest annual event in Sweden our so called “Song Contest”. Way back in the 80:s EVERYONE watched it on that particular Saturday it took place. Believe it or not but is wasn’t until 1987 we began to get more channels than 2 in Sweden so that was the only thing to watch back then. And almost every time you thought the jury had picked the wrong winner and big headlines in the Tabloid press the day after lol 🙂                                                                                                                                    How did it went for Per-Erik in this contest? Did he win?                                                                    No he didn’t win and he didn’t expect to do that either.

Picture is taken when Per-Erik performed at the Song Contest in 1985 .
He’s not that active today since he suffer from a bad Tinitus thou i’ve heard he has a new album coming out soon and according to those who got to like eavesdrop it’s worth waiting for! In 2009 it was held like a tribute concert for him where he also sang and played and every musician who was in Sweden that day was there to support and pay tribute!
If i don’t recall wrong american soul/gospel singer Tata Vega said she wouldn’t want anyone else than Per-Erik to accompany her when in Sweden! He has toured in Scandinavia with the late” Grandpa of Gospel” (my name) more known as Andrae Crouch, see picture below.

Per-Erik and Andrae Crouch.
I mentioned Elvis earlier so we gotta have a little bonus link with Pete and The King even thou it might not be that slick. However first comes the slick gospel song called “Nothing To Lose”.
Enjoy your listening!
Regarding the youtube link don’t get fooled or confused by the title it is the same song as the Spotify link.
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