World of Slick Music

Hi folks!

I’m Daniel and i’m a sucker for so called “slick music” no matter if it’s jazz/fusion, soul/funk, west coast…the slicker the better you could say lol! So what is this “slick music” then you might wonder well to truth to tell it’s almost impossible to even try explaining with words how it sounds. Due to that i will let the music itself explain what i mean. Every time i’m gonna add either a Spotify link or You tube ditto or both. It depends on what song i chose to add.

So first one out is a woman who after 53 years since her first recording received her first Grammy for “Best Jazz Vocal Album”. She’s a veteran in the business but perhaps not so widely known for the big mass, i might be wrong about that. Her name is Patti Austin and she can sing many styles such as soul, jazz, blues, pop thou her number one is jazz i’d say.


Born in Harlem, New York City in 1950 and grew up in Long Island and she also has 2, self proclaimed, very famous godparents Dinah Washington and Quincy Jones.Her stage debut took place at a legendary place known for it’s talant show at which stars like Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder all performed. The place is the famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem. At the age of 4 she did performed there and one year later she got her first record contract for RCA.

During the 60:s she did a lot commercial jingles, i guess not the funniest or the most “cred giving” job but we all gotta eat and pay the rent…she did not make any records during the 60:s or early 70:s. In 1976 she released her first album on CTI records. If you find a record who is realeased on this label buy it! Very well produced and Creed Taylor, founder and CEO of CTI, hired the best cats for the sessions. Back to Patti. Despite the fact that her 3 first albums were on CTI she never really fully made it. In the early 80:s Quincy Jones signed her to his label “Qwest Records” and then things began to happen so to speak.

She did a duet with James Ingram called “Baby come to me” who eventually became to major mainstream hit. When it first was released it reached #73 on the Top 100 pop chart in early 1982. Then after beeing featured as love theme in a prominent storyline of the soap opera “General Hospital” the song reentered the charts in October 1982 and then eventually it peaked #1 in February 1983.


For those of you like me remember the 80:s Patti got another quite big hit in the mid 80:s, also a duet this time with Narada Michael Walden called “Gimme Gimme Gimme”.
Doing duets seemed to be her thing in the 80:s cause not only with James Ingram and Narada Michael Walden but also with Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, George Benson.

Eventually she left the company of her godfather and signed THE slick label in front of others, GRP that’s short for Grusin Rosen Productions. Some of my slickest albums are from GRP. If you ask me i’d say that her GRP period is her best.

Back to slick then since that’s what this blog is all about cause we gotta have a song with Patti and i chosed a video from a concert with Michael McDonald with guests. She’s doing a song first recorded by Anita Baker called “You Belong to Me”.

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