Hi folks!

Today i’m gonna write about a band called Airplay.

This was a short lived project existed only in 1980 and it´s primary members were today´s super mega great composer, producer etc etc who have won 16 grammys and got 47 nominations!!

Seriously this guy has worked with like EVERYONE  in showbiz and goes under the name of David Foster!

Whatever you say don´t tell me you ain´t heard of him before…if you haven’t heard about him well did you live in the forest or in a cave the last 30 – 40 years? 😉

Anyway his partners/sidekicks in the band was super session guitarist Jay Graydon and singer Tommy Funderburk.

 As i said it was a short lived project founded and shut down all during 1980 however on the only album, picture below, they made you´ll find a very famous song called “After the love has gone“…!

Now wait a minute here…there´s something familiar about that title…hey isn´t it a huge hit by Earth, Wind & Fire?

True they did recorded this one and yes it became a smash hit but actually Airplay did it first  so this album contains the original verison! 

David co wrote it with a guy called Bill Champlin who in my opinion has one of the world´s best male voices and perhaps most famous for beeing part of the group Chicago for many years.

David played keyboards, Jay sang and played the guitar while Tommy was just singing.
How did they sound then, well think like early Toto from late 70:s/early 80:s and add some Chicago but make a lil’ more slick than these two band i just mentioned and yes you get some aor/west coast at it´s very best!

For a guy like me i drawl (!) when i read what other players they had on this album so let´s have a little look who the other guys were:


Jeff Porcaro (drums)

David Hungate (bass)

Steve Lukather (additional rhythm guitars)

Steve Porcaro (additional syntheziser programming)

All these guys made 4/6 of Toto at this time!

When having these guys playing you get a good feeling of their sound.

Then there were some other guys playing but i´m not gonna mention them all

but if you still wanna know just click on the link:



 Picture showing how David, to the left, and Jay, to the right, looks today 🙂



And this is Tommy then 🙂

The song i´ve chosed to feature here is the very best song right now no doubt!!
Later recorded by the amercian vocal group Manhattan Transfer and also featured on the tribute album to David Foster called “Fly Away” and there sung by Sweden´s best male singer Frank Ådahl.

Anyway the song is called “Nothing you can do about it” and as always enjoy your listening!!

Listen to clearly to the horn arrangement here, man it´s mind blowing big time trust me and also don´t miss the harmony vocals as well.


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